Hello Dear readers!

I am so sorry for being MIA, but as most of you know, Chiari and EDS can be horribly unpredictable. I haven’t slept or really gotten any rest in about a week. Haven’t been able to eat much due to nausea ect. I did want to share something that I and I know many of you in the Chiari/EDS community have been championing for, it looks like the state of Pennsylvania is going to pass the Compassionate Marijuana Use bill.

Now, While Chiari/EDS aren’t specified on the bill, traumatic brain injury and chronic pain ARE included, which is huge! At the same time, we can submit a petition starting in July 2017 to have other conditions included. This is something I will be working very hard on in the next year and a half to make sure all of us who need treatment can get it, and hopefully expand the bill into other states.

Here is the bill.

Its a little difficult to read through, but you get the idea.

What do you think about this idea readers? Are you on board with marijuana use for pain control?

I am interested to see what the community thinks about this topic!


Look forward to hearing from you community!


Stay Positive!