Hello everyone!

As my dear readers and followers know, I have been having a really tough time lately. I don’t feel the need to dredge up the details, things just haven’t been good.

Those of us with chronic pain sometimes have those “why me” moments. Not that I feel sorry for myself, but there are days when I wake up, and my pain and limitations just get to me. Today started out as one of those days.

That was until a kind and dear person contacted me to let me know she was thinking about me, and had written me a poem to brighten my day.

Most people don’t realize that all it takes sometimes is just a kind word or message to really make someones day. No matter what someone may be going through, reach out to them and let them know you care. It can make all the difference in the world.

I was thinking of you today when I took my morning walk, I stoped to admire a flower struggling from under a rock.

The rock was strong and made the flower tilt, but nothing seemed to stop it as it thought it would never wilt.

Ever up ward it stretched reaching it’s petals towards the sun, but no matter how much the rock tried the flower seemed it had won.

To remove the rock would kill the flower with all the hard work it had done, to overcome such obstacles such as this little flower had won.

So, I continued on my walk and that’s when you occurred to me, always meeting obstacles but always gaining control, you never let things stop you from going where you want to go.

So I thought I’d write this poem for you,and every word of it is true, and bring a smile to your face and tell you I am here for you! Have a wonderful day Christina!!!

Jade Everstar