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Hello all.

Its good to be back to blogging! I have missed you readers! I want to share something with you that really got my blood boiling this week.


This weekend, I went back to Ohio to visit my Dad and other family on his farm. I was having the time of my life. As most of you know, I hardly ever get to leave my house, so this was huge for me. I got to go to a horse show, took all kinds of photographs, and had a wonderful time seeing people.

I am going blind in both eyes now, and I want to experience everything I can before Chiari steals my sight as well.


Since my Chiari community is such a huge part of my life, I wanted to share my good times with my Chiari group.  The backlash I received for riding a horse just turned my stomach and broke my heart. While most of them were happy for me living life on my terms, quite a few more said some really horrible things to me. The vicious things said on my post got so bad the admin of the group had to delete it. Its such a shame that we all have this horrible condition, but we still feel the need to gang up on one another. We need to come together as a SUPPORT GROUP. If you don’t like a post, or you feel someone is endangering themselves, there are more positive ways to go about it. There is no reason to make someone feel badly because they decided to finally take their lives in their own hands.


I understand there are a lot of things we aren’t “supposed” to do. I get it. I really do, but I am not going to spend what precious little time I have left on this earth rotting away in my chair! I’m going blind, and my body is betraying me at every step. I can’t sit back while life passes me by just to get a few days more. If I had fallen off that horse and died, I would have died happy. For the first time in a very long time, Chiari and my pain didn’t hold me back. I was the master of my day, and it was one of the best of my life. I don’t want my friends and family to look back and say, “Sure, she had a few more years, but she never left the house.” I would rather them say, ” Christina lived her life to the fullest. We miss her and love her, but she didn’t let her condition hold her back from her adventurous spirit.”


So go dear readers! Live your life. Seize the day. You have Chiari, or EDS, or some other condition, but it by NO MEANS has you!!!


Photography Courtesy of Carousel Photography