To all my Chiari friends,

A member of our community is having the worst time of her life. Her baby passed away three weeks ago, and she was in a very bad car accident.

She got hit head on yesterday and was airlifted UAB Hospital. Her right leg and ankle are crushed. She has Broken ribs, a bruised liver, fluid on her lungs, a ruptured spleen, missing teeth and a chunk of her lip had to be sewn  back together. Teresa Corrine Stewart Taft has asked if we could help lift Peggy Lanier Woolbright’s spirts and fill her room with cards to show our support.

Even if you don’t know her or anything about Chiari, know that she is a human being that is suffering and needs some kindness and compassion. 

Please help if you can. It just takes a stamp to help someone in their hour of need.
Cards can be sent to:

Peggy Lanier Woolbright
UAB hospital, Room 9212
1802 6th ave. S
Birmingham Al. 35233

Lets show Peggy that good people are out there and that we care for one another.


Stay positive!



Fundraiser was started for Peggy to help her and her precious family get through this tragic time in their lives.